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General Information

Since 2008
Comission Upgrade: 1%; Purchase:1%; Offers:12-24%
Click RD/RR: $0,005/$0,01 (premium)
Cashout $2,00
Time of payment Instant
Cashout processors Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill
Upgrade Golden: $90,00; Ultimate: $890,00


What is? How it works? 

Neobux is a PTC site, basically, which user receives to click ads.
Is possible to invite and rent referrals to your network, thus you will receive a commission for their clicks.
It has been online since 2008 and has been paying its users instantly.
At this first point be very careful, since a considerable part of rented referrals have a bad clicks average. They should be patiently watched.

For those who want to advertise, this site is already a great option. However, you should be aware of what you want to advertise. For example, a sales issue would be a bad idea. Neobux users want to make money, not buy things.

The Ads

Ads in Neobux are divided by color.

The pink ones are fixed ads, but they have a deadline of at least 12 hours to expire.

Green or blue colors are mini or extended exposures, with a limit to be clicked.

The yellow ones are fixed ads, but these will be everyday (4 for standart accounts and 9 for premium) in your list to be clicked. These ads are most important, because they will allow you receive referrals commission. In fact view them are pre-required for receive commissions.



How to click – Como clicar?


The first step is get initial money for investment: Collect $ 1.20 with your own clicks or deposit $ 5.00 through the payment processor. If you click alone (without referrals) it will take at least 2 months to reach $ 1.20. As for the second option, use a site where is simple to join dollars, such as Clixsense, InstaGC, among others. Withdraw from these sites, transfer money to a payment processor (PayPal, for example) and then allocate this money by transfer it to neobux rental balance.

And now, what should I  do?

At Neobux it is possible to earn a good amount of money by working with the rented referral system.

Whether you start with $ 1.20 or $ 5.00, whatever, it is important that when renting your first referrals, you only use half of that money, never use it all.

How to deal with the rented? First, configure media controller, as shown below:

After that, basically you can work in three ways:

Auto: Enable AutoPay and AutoRenew to 30/3 or 90/3. Always keep in rent balance enough to renew each rental. For example if you rented 10, knowing that each rented cost $ 0.20, keep in the rental balance $ 2.00 (in the case of AutoPay 30/3) before you can rent more referrals. Remember to keep sufficient money to recycle those with average below 0.6.

Manual: Do not activate any automated tools and rent as many referrals as you can. When the expiration period is nearing completion, extend the term only of the best referrals for at least 90 days.

Semi Automatic: Turn on AutoPay only. Those who are on average below 0.6 will expire and extend the above above for at least 30 days.



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