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General Information  
Since 2012
Comission Upgrade: 5%; Purchase: 5%
Click  RR/DR: $0,001; Your Click: $ 0,0001/$0,01
Cashout  $0,05
Time of Payout 48 hours
Cashout Processors Paypal, Payza
Upgrade V3 Yearly
Informações gerais  
Ano de Lançamento 2012
Comissão Upgrade: 5%; Purchase: 5%
Clique  RR/DR: $0,001; Your Click: $ 0,0001/$0,01
Saque  $0,05
Tempo de Pagamento 48 horas
Processadores de Pagamento Paypal, Payza
Upgrade V3 Yearly

Cash Travel: general operation

Cash Travel, launched in 2012, is one of the sites I enjoy working the most.

The Cashout is low and payment time is very fast.

The upgrade amount is low, and you can recover the amount invested with your own clicks. In addition, every month you will receive credits to advertise freely. Once upgraded, a $ 0.03 advertisement and some other premium advertisements will appear, click and view all every day.


Cash Travel: funcionamento geral

O Cashout é baixo e o tempo de pagamento é muito rápido.

O valor do upgrade é baixo, e você consegue recuperar o valor investido, com os seus próprios cliques. Além disso, todo mês receberá créditos para anunciar o que quiser.


How to click – Como clicar?





Under the login box it will say “Lost Password”. Click on that and then enter your username. Your username and password will then be sent to the email in which you have signed up with. Make sure you enter a valid email address when you join since you will need it!Login and then go to “Purchase”. Select a product that you want to buy and hit the “buy now” button. Enter the information it asks you and then hit “Enter”. Just follow the instructions, the site will automatically re-direct you to the payment processor.



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